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  • State Flag of Mississippi
  • I support Mississippi's first and only flag. It's a symbol of who we are and where we came from. It's our blood and our people. A symbol of honor and courage. Only the ignorant and malicious oppose it. Given we voted in a statewide referendum that saw two to one Mississippians voting for our first and only state flag, that our Legislature allows our public universities to not fly it, is an outrage and slur to the majority who are without representation in our Legislature. Once elected, I pledge to do all things legal to shut the Legislature down until our flag is afforded the legal respect it deserves.

  • Unions
  • I oppose unions as hurtful to the working class. If only every Mississippian had a Nissan job. When I think of unions, I think of organized crime, the mafia and Jimmy Hoffa. I once interviewed James Neal. Listen to the interview: Jim Neal Interview

    Robotics is the future and our Legislature should be embracing this reality. In a very short while, the unit labor costs of automobiles and just about every other manufactured product will be very close to $0.00. Baxter Nation is on the march:

    Baxter Collaborative Robots for Industrial Automation | Rethink Robotics

    If the black auto workers of Mississippi want to price themselves out of jobs even faster the same way their relatives up in Michigan did, let them. A friend told me recently, "I worked in a UAW shop plant back in university one summer in the 1970s. Its been closed almost forty years, fyi. I don't know of one UAW shop that has done anything since the 1960s besides hemorrhage jobs as fast as automation technology allows. Or simply lose all of them when the entire plant moves to Mexico or Brazil one fine holiday weekend, or closes for the annual two week shut down in August and then surprise surprise surprise, never reopens."

    I received the following email:

    Mr. Giles,

    I am a resident of District 60 here in Rankin County, and I am fairly certain I have met you at the farmers market in Jackson but we certainly do not know each other. I wanted to reach out to you to find out more about your stances on various issues that are important to my family. Without knowing any more than I learned just now by viewing your press release at rebelarmy.com I like what I see! I believe in freedom and individual liberty and am sickened by what is going on in Washington and even more so by what I see at the state house in Jackson. So many(dare I say all!?) of our representatives are bought and sold by special interest!

    Are you going to be participating or attending any public functions between now and the election? I doubt there will be a debate as the other candidates are full of fluff (you literally cannot find anything about them at all on the internet other than their address listed in the public record!) and likely don't want folks to know what they believe! I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours truly,

    [name deleted]

    My response:

    I've run for the United States congress several times and staked out positions that have proven to be the issues of the day as evidenced by Donald Trump's victory, i.e., closing our borders and ending immigration, ending free trade and ending endless wars. And while they are federal issues they still reveal my view of things. Following is my congressional platform which I still believe in 100 Percent.

    BTW, voting should be a privilege reserved only for those who work for a living and own at least ten guns! Not for people on welfare or only for the super rich who own the Fake News Media.

    Also, as I mentioned, in general, I would stand up for what is right and oppose what is wrong. That abortion is even an issue is pathetic. Killing little babies? But politicians rule not gentleman or ladies. Repeat, there is not one single gentleman or lady in the Mississippi Legislature. And you wonder why things are getting worse and not better?

    Compact with New America

    1. Citizen Loyalty.

    Complete ratification and enforce the Titles of Nobility Amendment: Outlaw all so-called 'dual citizenship.'

    "If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them." 2. Immigration.

    End all immigration for 50 years. Deport all illegal immigrants and all immigrants who obtained legal immigration status by means of fraud. Extend police enforcement of federal immigration statutes to state and local law enforcement officers. Establish a system of labor camps and seven year sentences for all repeat offenders against the federal immigration laws, whether aliens or native or naturalized citizens.

    3. Political Candidates.

    Repeal all federal and state legal recognition of all political parties. Eliminate all party identifications on the public ballots. All future candidates for elected public office will be required to qualify for ballot placement by means of candidate petitions signed by qualified electors eligible to vote for the prospective candidate seeks.

    4. Transparent and Accurate Election Results.

    All election votes shall be recorded in secret on hand marked paper ballots. Immediately upon poll closure the ballots of each election precinct will be publicly counted at that precinct by a randomly selected jury of voters residing in that precinct. The ballot count as determined by the precinct jury shall be publicly published at each precinct and to the internet prior to forwarding the ballots to any other government agency.

    5. Local Election Financing.

    Candidates may only accept donations of money or marketable goods and services from natural persons legally eligible to vote for them.

    6. Public Control of the Military and Law Enforcement.

    No government agency may contract with any private organization or person for the training of the militia, military or of law enforcement personnel. Nor may any government agency compel any member of the militia, military or law enforcement to attend any training presented by non-government organizations or persons.

    7. Anti-lobbyist Codes.

    No person may solicit or accept money or any gratuity to influence elected officials or government employees to take or refrain from any official action. Except for the President, the Secretary of State and their designated officers, no elected or appointed official shall meet with any foreign diplomat or registered agent of a foreign government.

    8. Secret Societies.

    No person adhering to any Society professing secret teachings to its members, or which claims a higher loyalty above the civil polity, shall be eligible for any elective or appointive public office.

    End all state licensing of religious ministers and remove all 'chaplains' from the military by reason of offending the Establishment Clause.

    9. Money for Productive People.

    End the money monopoly of the privately owned Federal Reserve Corporations by withdrawing 'legal tender' status from their privately issued money. Redeem all outstanding interest bearing US debt with non-interest bearing US Notes. Prohibit the issuance of any further interest bearing US debt. The Government of the United States must resume issuance of U.S. Notes, which Notes are to be backed by commodity energy fuels of fixed BTU energy values. These notes will be the only legal tender money for the payment of taxes, duties and all public debts.

    10. End Usury Debt Slavery.

    Convert all charitable organizations, 'non-profit' corporations and 'foundations' to taxable for-profit corporations. Revoke all tax exemptions and tax exclusions of tangible and intangible property and incomes for all organizations, excepting only full time educational institutions teaching subjects tested by the National Academic Competency Test. Apply a 50% one-time capital levy to the capital assets of all existing foundations and tax exempt organizations. Repeal all tax deductions for donations to so-called charitable or non-profit groups.

    11. Diversity in Media.

    Enact and enforce anti-trust legislation to break up the national and transnational media cartels and media monopolies. Outlaw and require sale of all existing foreign equity or debt stakes in any FCC broadcast license holder. Prohibit any US citizen from holding any financial stake, whether by equity, debt, permanent license of copyright or trademark, in more than one FCC licensee. Convert all FCC licensees and all Cable Television and Satellite Television franchisees into common carriers required to sell all their broadcast time to non-related parties by public auction.

    12. Reforming Civil Justice.

    Require all state judiciaries and the Federal courts to issue law licenses to any citizen passing a standardized written bar examination prescribed by the legislature. Passage of this test, citizenship and the absence of unpardoned convictions for felonies shall be the only requirements for the practice of law before any American court. Since all attorneys are deemed 'officers of the court', the legislature of each state, and the Congress, will fix the incomes (salaries) these public officers can derive from their legal practices by establishing maximum hourly rates and fees.

    13. End all institutionalized anti-white racial discrimination and non-white racial preferences.

    End all so-called affirmative action programs designed to benefit members of specific racial groups, all anti-white racial discrimination and all non-white racial preferences whether by the Federal, state or local governments, or by publicly chartered corporations. Prohibit the expenditure of any public funds upon the promotion, advocacy or monitoring of racial matters within public or private organizations, or upon the collection of racial data, the decennial Census of the United States excepted.

    14. Defense of Children and Families.

    End all government recognition of civil marriage prior to the birth of the first natural common child. Require mandatory DNA testing of both parents to establish legal parentage. End all 'no-fault' divorce. Establish automatic common law marriage for all couples bearing children. Establish joint custody under State supervision as the only form of custody for divorced parents. Prohibit divorced parents from leaving the original jurisdiction of their divorce without both court approval and the agreement of the other parent. All divorced parents with minor children are to be placed under the financial supervision of the court of original jurisdiction. If any parent is found by a court to be legally unfit, all children of that parent shall become Wards of the State irrespective of the fitness of the second parent or the decision of the State to remand physical custody of the children to the second parent.

    Eliminate all individual adult personal income tax exemptions and all home mortgage interest exemptions. Increase dependent child tax exemptions to $25,000 for the first child, $60,000 for two children, $100,000 for three children and eliminate all joint income taxes for families with four or more children.

    15. Fair Foreign Trade

    Withdraw from the NAFTA and GATT trade treaties. Reestablish national import tariffs designed to foster national domestic production, maximize tariff collections and minimize internal taxes. End all foreign aid to all foreign states or supra-national organizations.

    16. National Defense.

    Restore the Constitutional defense system of state militias. Fortify the southern national border with the country of Mexico against all illegal crossings. Immediately withdraw all US military and naval personnel from the continent of Europe. Withdraw within 7 years all land, air and naval forces from the Middle East, Indian Ocean areas excepted. Prohibit the deployment of any member of the Militia outside the territorial limits of the United States of America, except during times of congressionally declared war against specific named states.

    End all military, diplomatic and economic relations with the State of Israel until such time as; every inhabitant as of May 8, 1945 of the former territory of the League of Nations Mandatory of Palestine possesses equal political rights with all subsequent immigrants to this area; all Palestinian natives as of May 8, 1945, or their legal heirs, are permitted to return to their former residences and receive legal title to and physical possession of all properties seized without compensation or under duress; the President and Congress by 2/3s vote certify no native military forces within this territory any longer possess nuclear, biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction; the President and Congress by a two-thirds (2/3) vote certify the organization popularly known as "Kidon" has been disbanded and all its former operatives extradited for criminal prosecution by jurisdictions in which they are wanted for criminal offenses.

    17. National Food Security. Reestablish national food reserves of grain, dairy and protein products.

    18. Energy Independence. Nationalize all nuclear power plants under the operation of the Department of the Navy. Begin immediate construction of new nuclear power plants, to a common proven standard design, to provide for immediate national electric energy security. These plants are to be started at the minimum rate of 10 installations per year, to be of a minimum power rating of 600 megawatts each and having a total time of construction not to exceed five years. Subsidize the construction of synthetic fuel plants to produce gas, gasoline and other fuel oils from coal. Subsidize the research, development and manufacture of solar electric power. These subsidies are to be provided by the following system of National Prizes for achieving demonstrated specific performance goals in the production of electricity and other fuels. Congress shall not appropriate any other subsidies for energy research and development for these sources.

    Congress shall pay $10 billion dollars to the first American owned entity to sell inside the United States of America twenty billion gallons of no-lead gasoline of at least 89 octane rating, and which was 100% synthesized from native North American coal. This award shall be free of all federal taxes.

    Congress shall pay $20 billion dollars to the first American owned entity to sell the energy equivalent in hydrogen of one hundred twenty (120) billion gallons of liquid hydrogen inside the United States of America. This hydrogen shall have been produced within the territory of the United States of America or on board U.S. flagged vessels in territorial or international waters. This award shall be free of all federal taxes.

    Congress shall pay $40 billion dollars to the first American owned entity to manufacture ten million solar photovoltaic cells with a minimum 5 watt rating and able to generate electricity for an adjusted average price of $0.04 (four cents) per kilowatt hour. This award shall be free of all federal taxes.

    19. Space Policy. Congress will establish the following national space goals and incentive awards for specific accomplishments in Space. Congress will not appropriate any other funds for the pursuit of these goals.

    Congress shall pay $80 billion dollars to the first American owned entity to transmit the energy equivalent of one thousand (1,000) Megawatts of usable electric power from Low Earth Orbit to a single point inside the continental United States for a continuous 30 day period. This award shall be free of all federal taxes.

    Congress shall pay $100 billion dollars to the first American owned entity that delivers one million pounds of containerized liquid oxygen and one million pounds of containerized liquid hydrogen, exclusively collected and gathered from non-Earth sources, to a single point within 50 miles of the International Space Station, and in the same stable orbit. This award shall be free of all federal taxes.

    20. Excellence in Education.

    Institute a school tuition voucher program for all students under the age of 18, including all home-schooled students. Prohibit all public teacher associations from conducting collective wage bargaining. Establish minimum national academic performance standards in the sciences of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, computer programming, industrial manufacturing technology, farming and animal husbandry, the English language and physical fitness for the award of a high school diploma.

    These standards shall be enforced by objective standardized student testing in these subject areas. All English language testing shall be solely structured on the content of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and The Federalist Papers. It shall be unlawful for any individual or organization to collect any data concerning the race, sex, creed or national origin of any student administered the Standard National Academic Competency Test. No other subjects shall be included in the National Test.

    Reestablish and foster effective secondary school industrial trades programs designed to instruct students in modern industrial technologies and trades. End all direct federal monetary aid to states, subordinate governments or to individual schools.

    21. Pass and enforce a National English Language Law making the English language the only legal language of the United States of America for the conduct of all federal, state and local government business.

    22. Constitutional Authority.

    Acting under the authority of Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States, the Congress will remove from the U.S. Supreme Court and from all inferior federal courts all original and appellate jurisdiction over all cases involving the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, and all jurisdiction over any cases concerning prenatal abortion of human fetuses.

    23. "Fix" Social Security. Introduce means testing for both Social Security and Medicare.

    24. "Fix" post high school education. Reforms must address college operating costs control, funding (end the result of students graduating owing heavy student loans), quality results (competency in what is taught and competency of the teachers), curriculums, and access for qualified native born American students (especially in science, engineering.)

    25. Freedom of Association in private life.

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